Can credit card size new Raspberry Pi 4 replaces Computer/ Laptop

The credit card size new Raspberry Pi 4 device comes with a quad-core processor cortex a 72, type C power port, 04 GB ram, 02 USB 3.0 port, Ethernet port, 02 micro HDMI port that’s supposed 4k at 60fps. Also it has audio jack, Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi built-in.

when ever the temperature of the CPU hits 80 degrees the device starts to hang which is really a big threat to machine. even it may decrease the lifespan of the machine. Until unless we use Raspberry Pi case which comes with a CPU fan and the couple of chip based heat sink which will keep Pi device cool.

When we physically scale the Raspberry Pi with a laptop, the first thing we notice is the size and look of the board. the Raspberry Pi is easy just flash the Raspbian OS to an SD card but in future will be able to boot the PI 4 from the USB Drive as well.

Raspberry Pi got 4gb of RAM fine to use as a multitasking job like read, write, edit articles, can do programming like java, python, .net, visual basic etc., and play videos in the background simultaneously.

Main Drawbacks:

The major chunk were on video streaming apps like YouTube (which struggled a lot and barely squeeze 720p), Amazon prime videos and Netflix were a little wonky and doesn’t work natively.


To be honest I have a couple of mixed feelings while there is a significant performance boost due to the hardware upgrades that can do actual desktop stuff like browsing, programming etc. it’s still not a desktop replacement yet and the reason is the Raspbian OS operation based on linux not user-friendly like Windows or Mac.

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