Is your windows operating system is genuine?

Today in this article we going to see, how to check whether your Windows operating system is genuine or a cracked version using command prompt.

Difference between genuine and cracked operating system:

First of all we need to know the difference between genuine operating system and cracked operating system

What is a genuine operating system?

Operating system which is properly published, licensed and supported by Microsoft Corporation. Only licensed Microsoft windows have access to download and update the patch version like security update, critical updates etc., whenever Microsoft team finds flaw in their windows security immediately they will release updated security patches to immune their operating system.

What is Cracked Operating system?

Operating system which is pirated or activated using some third party software without purchasing licenses from Microsoft. The cracked windows version won’t support any Microsoft updates. Easily Malwares, Spywares, Hackers can attack your system.

Basic checkup:

Generally we check for a product ID and license status of our Windows operating system by right-clicking on this PC or my computer icon and clicking on the properties. Here at the end in the Windows activation section we can see that this windows is activated and given is the product ID.

By seeing that we should not come to a conclusion OS is genuine. Both Cracked and genuine Operating systems look the same in the system properties.

Command code:

We going to use a command slmgr.vbs /dli (Slrmgr stands for Software License Manager and Vbs stands for Visual Basic Scripts)

Open the command prompt a type slmgr.vbs /dli a give enter, you can see the license status, Partial Product Key etc

Genuine Operating System:

If you purchased a Microsoft Operating system license for your computer then you can see only a partial product key and the license status is displayed. There is no expiration time or anything else from this you should understand that the Windows operating system is genuine.

Cracked Operating System:

 If you cracked your Microsoft Operating system then you can see partial product key, license status, activation expiration, activation interval, renewal interval and much more.

Not activated Operating System:

 If windows are not activated on the operating system then license status shows notification reason codes.  

Hope this articles helps you to identify the genuine operating system!!!

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